The Coaching Process

Perhaps you have been feeling stuck, frustrated, anxious, or overwhelmed by your relationship and family life for some time. You might have been asking yourself why you are not as happy as you used to be, where the passion and chemistry you felt originally for your partner has gone, or why it is hard to communicate with your partner.


Perhaps you may be doubting your parental skills or your ability to connect with your children, or you might be concerned with work which is now affecting your family life at home. You worry that if your relationship continues at its current path, you and your partner will begin to feel like strangers, or you might reach the point of divorce which will also affect your children. But this is not the future you wish for your family.

Relationship Coaching applies a forward-thinking results-oriented approach to relationship and personal challenges, looking for strategic opportunities in your day to inject the best possible tools, strategies, and shifts of perspective, while it


cultivates a strong relationship mindset. It is a dynamic process that supports you in developing skills in areas that before were not an option for you, and in cultivating self-awareness, personal growth and insight.


It is a rewarding and enriching journey, allowing you to discover and utilise your inner resources as you place yourself at the driving seat of your life, and it is conducted in a confidential manner, while emphasising empathy and non-judgement.