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What Coaching Does

Have you been feeling stuck, worried, frustrated, stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed?


Do you feel unhappy at work? Are you dealing with a demanding workload, unhelpful colleagues and clients who seem to be draining the life out of you?

Your partner could be more supportive but they seem to be driving you mad with every breath they take?

Your personal self-care goals such as eating well, sleeping enough, being around good company, and being physically active are constantly out of reach?


You might suspect that you have been feeling depressed or anxious for some time and you are


considering talking to a therapist; or you have been working with a therapist for a while and you noticed that the skillsets you need to put in place, your therapist is not in a position to help you with this.

All you want is to have your life back while you are managing your mental health.

How good would it feel to be around friends and colleagues that get you, to have and pursue your meaningful purpose, to share your experiences with those that matter to you, while you are actively supporting your physical and mental health.

Life & Relationship Coaching applies a forward-thinking results-oriented approach to relationship and personal challenges, looking for strategic opportunities in your day to inject the best possible tools, strategies, and shifts of perspective, while it cultivates a strong relationship mindset.


It is a dynamic process that supports you in developing skills in areas that before were not an option for you, and in cultivating self-awareness, personal growth and insight.


It is a rewarding and enriching journey, allowing you to discover and utilise your inner resources as you place yourself at the driving seat of your life, and it is a process conducted in a confidential manner, while emphasising empathy and non-judgement.

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