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The Movement Deep Workshop Series is a collection of group coaching workshops designed to transmit powerful techniques for the betterment of our every day life. The workshops were developed in order to create the thinking space we need to consider what can be done differently to get the outcome we really want.

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Each workshop has a different focus:


  • Love & Connection with ourselves and with others

  • Setting clear and steady personal Boundaries

  • Leading and Following skills for business and every day life

  • Emotional States Management

These workshops are movement-based, which has a release and healing-type of quality, and its purpose is to help the body relax and release tension so we can access our inner resources easier.

The Lantern Workshop.jpg

This is what past participants have said:

I've never been to a session quite like this. I have experienced other types of coaching/mentoring programs and this is probably one of the most physical one of all. The self discovery process was not only about the unconscious mind but was expressed though the entire body. I felt I could really open up in the workshop. The environment felt safe and I was able to connect to everyone else in the room. I was so surprised by the amount of emotion released and the level of self discovery that I was able to achieve during the workshop. I walked out the session feeling lighter and more sure of certain things. That very same night, I slept long and well.” - LP

"A very good mix of techniques, addressing self awareness and perception of the others, that seamlessly open your heart and mind via the dynamic of the body. The process was not intrusive but asked me to investigate these aspects intuitively, through movement and physical interaction. The coach would guide us verbally most of the time, through a series of concepts that sound more metaphorical but as they are tuned into a flow of moves they become physical, and real. Felt like having a wordless interview with myself through movement. A dialogue that invites discovery. Put a surprise feel to my rest of the day. A change of pattern.” - VC

The Lantern Workshop.jpg

To register your interest in attending, or if you would like to bring those workshops to your area, email us at

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