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We complement our Personal Coaching sessions with optional bespoke Pilates and Movement exercise programs including different types of dance as well as Pilates for Injuries, as we know that a physically strong, aligned and healthy body contributes to vitality and high energy levels which are essential for high quality of life. 


Our clients can choose from a personalised program they can practice at home, or have movement sessions at our Bounds Green Reformer Pilates studio where they can enjoy supervision and full personal attention.

Our repertoire entails STOTT PILATES® exercises on all of the Pilates equipment and for all levels of fitness including Athletic Conditioning, Salsa On2, and essentials of Contemporary Dance.


Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our clients feel free and comfortable in their bodies and function at their optimum best at any opportunity.

To explore how Pilates and Movement can help you enhance and sustain your quality of life, book a complementary Clarity Session today.

Our expertise in Pilates and Pilates for Injuries stems from chronic lower back issues, which motivated Constantina to certify in the STOTT PILATES® Method.


The method was instrumental in helping her rehabilitate her issues by focusing on improving her posture, balancing her muscles, and strengthening her entire body, essentially adopting a whole new lifestyle and profession in a relatively recent part of her career journey.


Ever since the beginning, she has been working closely with her Instructor Trainer, now an Osteopath, who has been an important mentor and teacher to her.


Via closely observing the benefits of Pilates in her own body and by attending numerous workshops on rehabilitation, Pilates training for athletes, pre/post natal Pilates fitness, as well as participating in a number of different dance disciplines, Constantina has developed her accurate observation skills, deep understanding of body mechanics, and a collection of strategies that help her adapt each exercise to every client in such a way that they can experience the Pilates benefits early on.

Continually building on her existing knowledge via attending Pilates workshops and seminars, and by maintaining a personal practice, Constantina's personal interests lie in post-rehabilitation and the propagation of the Pilates system via closely monitored good technique.


Observing her clients progressing, getting physically stronger, more mobile, agile, flexible, pain-free and one step closer to their personal goals, is one of her greatest satisfactions, and when coupled with joyful engagement between her clients and herself, every movement session becomes a unique experience. 

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