​Constantina is a certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach specialising in Relationships, certified NLP Master Practitioner, has trained with the Robbins-Madanes Training school, and Tony Robbins Business Mastery, and holds a PhD in Stylochronometry, which is a branch of Authorship Attribution studies. She will begin her 4 year psychotherapy training with the Bowlby Centre in London in September 2020.


Prior to her coaching training she co-founded and co-run TNT Dance, an On2 Salsa School in London, and personally taught, performed, and choreographed dance for individual students and groups for 4 years. 


To manage chronic back pain, she certified as a STOTT PILATES instructor and moved from co-running TNT Dance, to opening her own Reformer Pilates Studio in Brook Green, Kensington Olympia with a team of four instructors, and ran her business for 5 years. When the building was abruptly sold, she took the opportunity to expand and deepen her coaching skills. 

Constantina's training had informally started as part of her professional Pilates training realising the demand for building both mental and physical strength​ and how much one supports the other, and as a natural progression and extension of the professional roles and personal interests she had been engaged in for the past 20 years. Her original studies comprise of her English language degree, her PhD, and decades long fascination and personal study of psychology and communication through stylised language and physical movement.

​Constantina's mission is to facilitate her clients' breakthroughs, to help them open up to the possibilities ahead without hesitation, and to ignite their momentum so they can propel themselves forward towards their personal goals. 


Constantina comes from the belief that as people we are fine as we are and we can choose to add more to our lives at any age and any point to manifest the live we really want for ourselves, to succeed in what before we thought impossible, and to experience ourselves as we really truly wish to and desire. ​All we really need is to find the courage to take the first step forward. 

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