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Updated: Sep 13, 2019

I love these glasses. They are very cheap, imitate a style I like, and gave me a metaphor.

You see, you put them on, and, like all sunglasses, they dim the light for you.

- So?

- Well, once you put a filter in front of your eyes, you tend to look at the world differently.

- You mean, with fewer wrinkles?

- No, no, stay with me! A darker filter than the bright light outside, takes the vibrancy of what you are looking at away. Objects, colours, people, they are all a little greyer, all a little darker, they all look a little bit the same and a bit different from what they really are. And the body, the body responds to dimmed colours, it looses the feeling of excitement, the eyes are not stimulated any more to the same extend, they do not react, and the mind loses interest.

Of course, in the case of sunglasses and sun protection, surely, you get fewer wrinkles, thumbs up!

But if we took a moment to consider, through what kind of filter am I looking out at the world? How is my body and mind responding to it? Hmm... I wonder what things would look like without it....

If you would like to develop greater mind flexibility and would like to benefit from professional support, you can reach me at

Constantina Stamou

Constantina Stamou is a certified Strategic Intervention Coach, has trained with the Robbins-Madanes coaching school, is an NLP Master Practitioner, has attended Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery, and has a PhD in how we change the way we put sentences together as we grow older. Her work experience includes tutoring at her university, working for a charity, and entrepreneurship which has so far translated into the TNT Dance Salsa Club in London and her own Reformer Pilates Studio at Kensington Olympia, London, where she had the pleasure of working with her team of four teachers.

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