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- I am too __________. - Are you?

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Let's play! OK, what can we insert here? Hmm... I am too..... old to make new friends.... too.... young to be taken seriously.... too.... big to go out dating.... too busy to visit my friends... too insecure to stand up for myself... too inexperienced to start this business....

OK. I can believe you. I can agree with what you said, you are too old to make new friends. Or too inexperienced to start this business. Or too big to go out dating. You kind of look older than me, you said before you have not started a business, and your weight has changed visibly recently. And as soon as I agree, we can go back to staring at the lake, you, convinced what you said it's true. Me....?

Me, I am not convinced. Im not convinced because if what you had said was universally true, there would be no elderly person out there with a social life, no laywers who have now opened small cafes and bakeries, and there would be no curvaceous people out there who would look so cute, attractive, sensual, and taking chances at life.

- Yes, but I am different. And we are all not the same.

- Sure.

But we have a very interesting ability as humans. We have the capacity to choose our thoughts. We have the capacity to choose who we are, to choose how we want to show up, and to choose how to shape our identity and direction despite our current circumstances.

So, if you were willing to accept this as truth, how about, maybe just for today, you were to try something different? How about, just for a few minutes, you let go of who you were telling me you are and considered who you could become?

If you feel you are being kept back by limiting beliefs and would like to benefit from professional support to overcome them, you can reach me at

Constantina Stamou

Constantina Stamou is a certified Strategic Intervention Coach, has trained with the Robbins-Madanes coaching school, is an NLP Master Practitioner, has attended Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery, and has a PhD in how we change the way we put sentences together as we grow older. Her work experience includes tutoring at her university, working for a charity, and entrepreneurship which has so far translated into the TNT Dance Salsa Club in London and her own Reformer Pilates Studio at Kensington Olympia, London, where she had the pleasure of working with her team of four teachers.

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