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What Mental Health Training Can Teach Us About Relationships

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Yesterday I had my first day of mental health training as I will be soon working as a mental health volunteer.

You have most probably heard of First Aid for physical injuries, and the training that is available, but did you know that there is first aid training for Mental Health too? 

That is what MHFA stands for, Mental Health First Aid. It came to the UK in 2007 and the organisation has trained 3 million people already world wide.

At the training we learned about how to recognise symptoms of depression, anxiety, suicide, and how to give first aid to someone who is going through such emotions until we can connect them with a mental health professional.

Next week at the second leg of the training we will be looking at psychosis including bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

I don't know much yet about psychosis but I do know that often one of the triggers for depression, anxiety, and even suicide is actually relationships.

Relationships that are not working, as you know, can have such a profound impact on people that in some situations they cost lives.

Yet we tend to take relationships lightly, we put them on the back burner, we prioritise work and personal needs, and we wake up one day thinking, ah... I should have done more, I should have not taken my partner for granted.

Did you ever feel taken for granted? If you did, I am sure it did not feel good.

Yet thankfully nowadays we understand that a kind word can go further than we ever thought possible, and we have science and research to put their stamp on it.

Now we know that by supporting our partner the way they need it, we don't just support the relationship, we are actually helping our partner establish in their mind neurological connections that help them experience certainty, safety, love and connection which translate into resilience in life.

Your words turn into physical stuff in their mind. Isn't that incredible?

My own mind goes through a mini mushroom explosion every time I remember this.

What a difference would it make in your relationship if you knew to this level and depth that everything you say is helping to shape the mind of your partner and as an extension your shared life? Just like everything they say helps to shape yours?

What choices would you be making knowing that? What would you want for them, and what would you want for yourself?

And how would you go about making this a reality?

(Blog written in August 2020, published October 2020)

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Constantina Stamou

Constantina Stamou is a certified Life & Relationship Coach, has trained with the Robbins-Madanes coaching school and Strategic Intervention, is an NLP Master Practitioner, has attended Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery, and has a PhD in how we change the way we put sentences together as we grow older. Her work experience includes university tutoring, charity research, and entrepreneurship which has so far translated into the TNT Dance Salsa Club in London, her Reformer Pilates Studio at Kensington Olympia, London, and The Lantern.

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