I have had the privilege of working with Constantina for a few months. She helped me overcome my fears, clarify my thinking, set clear goals and get results! Constantina is very professional and I was impressed by her ability to always know how to respond to any of my concerns and needs and to make sure I move the business forward, in the right direction. I highly recommend Constantina as a business coach. I am confident she will provide such a quality service and the outcomes you are hoping for.

Tessia Brival

Les Petits Bellots

When I started working with Constantina I had self doubts, procrastination issues and I hadn’t cleared the message of my business. She was able to guide me through ‘a-ha’ moments and changes that modified my perspective as a person and as a professional. Today I lead a business with a very clear and strong message, a business that is growing and that makes me proud and happy. I can’t thank and recommend Constantina enough for all her amazing work with me and on my business.

Mara Girone

Embroidery Artist

I wanted to thank you ever so much for the session this week. It was so enlightening and truly something I didn't know I needed. 

Anna M.

Virtual Assistant

My Fiancé and I chose Constantina for a mixture of business growth and relationships coaching. We found our sessions to be extremely interesting and thought-provoking, with content and pace carefully tailored to our needs. Constantina has a wonderfully empathetic approach, putting us at ease to better explore our possibilities and how we can attain next levels toward our life goals. Her grasp and ability to translate high-level concepts and principles has made our sessions extremely useful. I would highly recommend her in this field if you are looking to explore personal, professional and relationship growth.

Sarah, M.

Personal Banking

For the past 6 months, I have had a series of coaching sessions with Constantina. We met weekly to discuss strategies to help me cope with various stressful situations that make up the life of many of us. Her commitment to me was 100% and I found her to be a great listener and a real support. She has an empathy and an intelligence that created a genuine connection between us, and her suggestions of various exercises to use as coping mechanisms were extremely helpful. Constantina is a woman of great integrity, warmth, and love and I always came away from our sessions feeling so much better and more able to cope. I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone who is considering coaching with her.

Helen, S.


I had commissioned the services of Constantina to advise me on staff management issues in my fast growing business. Constantina's expert help and advice have been invaluable to my business success. She has been a rock to turn to when dealing with various challenges in managing my team, always helping me to achieve a positive outcome. I highly recommend Constantina! 

Ivana Radenovic

IM Dental


I took the Lantern workshop ‘How to Feel Certain Every Day in your Business’, a
two-hour small-group session aimed at deepening career commitment. What a powerful two hours! My expectations were fully met, in fact exceeded. In her
workshop, Constantina introduces clients to practical and theoretical trains of
thought to help ground and commit us in our careers, asking questions, encouraging us to write notes and carry out practical exercises, and including a bit of meditation along the way. With new thoughts in mind we can
strengthen our working processes, all the time exploring why we make the decisions we make when it comes to business. Working with Constantina is empowering: she has a light touch but a radiant energy and a deep bonding approach, guiding clients on an exhilarating two-hour journey of self-
discovery. This workshop is recommended for anyone seeking career clarity or a business energy boost, but I have since also found it useful for assisting focus with non-business based thoughts, too. I would be happy to come back a few
months down the line for another session of positive empowerment.

Morwenna Lawson

I can't stop talking about Constantina's workshop [How to Feel Certain Every Day in your Business] and how well designed and structured it was. I specifically needed clarity that day and her strategies came very useful, however I can imagine this sort of training would be an excellent investment at any time. I believe that many companies would benefit from this 'toolbox'. I highly recommend this is as a service to subscribe to. Excellent work. 

Alessandra Bester

Functional Food Co.

Mother and daughter relationships can be complicated. Mine and my mums has always been fraught, messy and sometimes pushed me to the limit. Then I met Constantina. I initially sought her help to confront my fear of accounting. She is a Strategic Intervention Coach with an aura of wisdom. Empathy. 

Then one day I lost my mum’s Visa card and we had a huge row. The kind of row which tears my confidence into shreds. I texted Constantina. Within 30 mins she had given me tools which were going to change a life time of arguments and
broken confidences.

Words cannot express my gratitude to Constantina and her coaching. It has not only healed me, but also changed the way my mum behaves. We now have a relationship which is strong enough to fight anything that life throws at us. 

Through some kind of minor miracle I’m also tackling my financial issues. That lost Visa card turned out to be a start of me dealing with my distaste for money.

I’m so grateful to you Constantina. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Diana Voxerbrand

Sultan Decorators



I have had many failed encounters that have lasted a couple of dates and the interest has waned. It has left me feeling very stressed and down and not in control. When I met Constantina, she offered me the reassurance and confidence that I needed and gave me the tools to support me in my
relationships. I felt that I knew what to ask and what to do in different situations. She made me feel positive and I am now in a loving relationship with a caring man. Thank you so much :)  

Sarah B.

Fashion Boutique Owner

After having a baby, my life changed dramatically. One of the biggest changes was my relationship with my husband. Through coaching I was able to see things more clearly and from a different perspective. I was able to redefine my purpose and what it is I wanted from my marriage. Coaching
enabled me to reset my life goals and allowed me to work through any of the issues I was having. I am very grateful to Constantina for helping me to get my marriage back on track. Constantina is an excellent listener. I genuinely felt
throughout my coaching she wanted to help me and would encourage me to feel positive about all the change I was going through.

Farah L.




Constantina coached me on a personal and business level. After a few sessions I started experiencing positive changes, both personally and professionally, we worked together on overcoming some obstacles that were blocking myself from
moving forward in life. Now I have the tools to achieve what is important for me in life and business. I like to go back to my notes and see the progress I have made after 7 months. Constantina is an excellent listener, she is professional,
prepared and yet human, always there to offer support, and you feel at ease and in safe hands while talking with her. I am very happy that I have decided to embrace my coaching journey with Constantina.

Debora Mazzitelli
Business Manager


I had the pleasure of working with Constantina to discuss ideas for how I could raise my business profile and reach out to my target audience.  Constantina has an excellent gift of active listening, and I felt that she genuinely understood
the potentials and restrictions inherent in my industry.  She made some excellent suggestions for where I might find ideal clients, and how I might reach them, all of which are congruent with my current business plan, aspirations and
industry regulations. Her suggestions will definitely be incorporated into my plan for the year ahead and I look forward to connecting with more of my ideal audience, and to a fruitful business relationship long into the future.

Susannah Alexander
Nutritional Therapist


Constantina has been a strong positive influence in my life through her life coaching. The changes that she has helped me to create have been noticed by my friends and family and colleagues which goes to show that it really works! She has taught me some very powerful techniques to deal with so many
different circumstances that have arisen and may arise again in different ways. I think the thing to remember is that one must complete the tasks and commit to doing them. If the tasks suggested are completed, then the changes for the
better really do start to happen. Constantina herself has been fully dedicated as a life coach to my individual needs and has shown a wonderful amount of insight and kindness. I would recommend taking up life coaching with Constantina to anyone. It will change your life for the better and teach you
skills to deal and cope with basic or complex situations that happen in life - and which we all struggle with at different times. The biggest Thank You from the bottom of my heart - it's been an amazing learning and life changing experience.


Laura Barker




Loving my sessions with Constantina. You ask so many probing questions which help me solve problems and move forward. And it's very enjoyable!

Christiane Hirt

Digital Product Consultant

I've never been to a session quite like this [Movement Deep coaching workshop]. I have experienced other types of group coaching/mentoring programs and this is probably one of the most physical one of all. The self discovery process was not only about the unconscious mind but was expressed though the entire body. I felt I could really open up in the workshop.
The environment felt safe and I was able to connect to everyone else in the room. I was so surprised by the amount of emotion released and the level of self discovery that I was able to achieve during the workshop. I walked out the
session feeling lighter and more sure of certain things. That very same night, I slept long and well.

Lina Pao
New Product Development Analyst



Throughout the [Movement Deep coaching] workshop I felt I was able to express myself through body movement, and the calming guiding voice created a meditation-like experience for me. I was able to let go of burdens and time in the moment, and felt I was connected to myself and the other people in the
room. The effect of the workshop on me was tranquillity, freedom, and connection, a rare experience for me as firstly I don't allow it and secondly because I do not know how to get into that state. It felt rebalanced and blissful. Thank you, Constantina!!

Ellie Vassy




A very good mix of movement techniques [Movement Deep Workshop Series] addressing self awareness and perception of the others that seamlessly open your heart and mind via the dynamic of the body. The process was not intrusive but asked to investigate significance and connection intuitively, through movement and physical interaction. Constantina would guide us verbally most of the time, through a series of concepts that sound more metaphorical but as they are tuned into a flow of moves they become physical and transition into
the every day. An effective way of understanding how concepts like freedom, personal connection, sphere of identity acceptance and listening would resonate in the way my body and mind connect with each other, in the way we project
through gesture and impulsive thought. Felt like having a wordless interview with myself through movement. A dialogue that invites discovery. Put a surprise feel to my rest of the day. A change of pattern.

Valentin R. 

Investment Banking

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